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Full Version: A:AMFP [Soundtrack Preorder]
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Empty Cots and The Children are easily my favorite Big Grin.
(09-08-2013, 04:06 PM)Plazmater Wrote: [ -> ]Wow , soundtrack - The Streets of London, seems to me like a chase music.

I cant even listen to this soundtrack. Are you sure its released on the site?
Just going by those small samples and the tracks available to preview on Bandcamp, I'd say that Jessica has outdone herself - some truly amazing (and distubing) musical effects and tracks in there and a huge amount of variety.
The soundtrack will be great! the songs are disturbing and creepy as hell.
It reminds me of The Shining or The Exorcist soundtrack. All atonal strings, plucking spidery noises and discordance. Its damn good.
I must say, listening to these tracks make me really excited for the game again. She did a great job what I can tell from couple of these tracks.
I have conflicting thoughts about ''Mandus'' track, I like the emotion and passion I hear, but the orchestration is perhaps a bit too simple. ''The Music of the Spheres'' is quite charming, and the rest of the new tracks promises that the OST will be good, and in synergy with the game will be excellent.
However, from here some general problems with video game music scores emerges, and I agree to some extent with Brigde.
OST is too much depended on the game, it is probably using too much tone painting and portraying certain scenes and emotions, and on its own it may feel a little flat. I personally would also like a much more developed and longer tracks.
This reminds me about opera scores, even with the greatest operas, just listening to the music without watching the scene is a bit pointless. (Aside from certain symphonic overtures and passages).

(09-04-2013, 09:30 PM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-04-2013, 08:29 PM)Paddy Wrote: [ -> ]@Bridge: what do you think it was about the soundtrack that didn't appeal to you?

I don't mean to be a debbie downer here since everyone seems to be loving it so much but I just feel that it is poor all around. Even if there are some interesting ideas the tracks are so monotone that any effect that might be attained is lost. I find the textures to be uninteresting, no interesting rhythmic ideas, harmony you can see coming from a mile away, you name it. Although I do appreciate the use of glass harmonica which is a rare occurrence in scores, especially video games scores, the orchestration in general I find to be boring. Also, I'm not sure if Jessica intended for the pedal to be used in such a violent way in Mandus but it sounds ridiculous to anyone who knows what good pedaling sounds like. Even if it was intentional, it is of such poor effect I have to call her judgement into question.

If I was Jessica, I would surely cry after reading this Smile
That's your opinion. I may be an unenlightened peasant woefully unaware of truly good music, but the songs I've heard thus far are 'pleasant' and memorable.
And Oh, I can't say this enough times, but ''Kyrie Elesion'' is amazing, can't wait to hear the full version.
The samples of voice-acting so far range between unintentionally corny and genuinely impressive. Pseudo-spoiler for the curious:

Spoiler below!
The reason why 'A Child's Shadow' is so affecting is that it implies that the Machine is prescient, and despaired by what he has seen...
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