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Full Version: A:AMFP [Soundtrack Preorder]
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I thought it was kinda unfair since this was only posted in the spoilers only thread and that a lot of people would miss it otherwise.

There might be minor spoilers in the track titles, but that's only if you read into it like a madman, and they're small details, like levels and what not, nothing like "Track 51. It was all a dream."

The preorder is listed for a £7 minimum, which is an absolute buy for a 51 track album. There's also some tracks prepared for listening, such as the second trailer theme (Track 46) and Mors Praematura (Track 29), which you can buy now for a minimum of £1. Listening to 'Mandus', I think it's easy to say Jessica Curry has done just as wonderful a job as Tarmia, if not better.

Also, damn, I love the "This world is a machine for pigs, only fit for the slaughtering of pigs!" in Track 46.
Mandus @0:43

I came
it should be on iTunes(plz)!!!!
It should have been called ''Mandus Descending Amongst the Spirits'' Instead of just Mandus, but it makes me wonder what the music plays on Track 35? Oswald dies?
Some really strange compositions, but I don't want to listen all tracks, before I played the game.
The track "These Hands are Bleeding" is passable, but everything I've heard so far is extremely disappointing. I sincerely hope the rest of the score is not this bad.
Simply amazing.
Fantastic work by Jessica, as usual. Very impressive indeed.
I'm really intrigued by what I've heard so far. "Mandus" is so sad and yet freaky at the same time, like its loveliness contrasts with the horror in an unsettlingly apt way. It has the same effect on me as the main theme for Cannibal Holocaust in that regard.

I'm not usually a soundtrack guy but this is one I'll seriously consider, plus for 7 quid you can't really go wrong.

@Bridge: what do you think it was about the soundtrack that didn't appeal to you?

EDIT: I noticed that the lyrics (including their English translation) for Mors Praematura are included on the pre-order page:
(09-04-2013, 08:29 PM)Paddy Wrote: [ -> ]@Bridge: what do you think it was about the soundtrack that didn't appeal to you?

I don't mean to be a debbie downer here since everyone seems to be loving it so much but I just feel that it is poor all around. Even if there are some interesting ideas the tracks are so monotone that any effect that might be attained is lost. I find the textures to be uninteresting, no interesting rhythmic ideas, harmony you can see coming from a mile away, you name it. Although I do appreciate the use of glass harmonica which is a rare occurrence in scores, especially video games scores, the orchestration in general I find to be boring. Also, I'm not sure if Jessica intended for the pedal to be used in such a violent way in Mandus but it sounds ridiculous to anyone who knows what good pedaling sounds like. Even if it was intentional, it is of such poor effect I have to call her judgement into question.
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