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Full Version: Custom Story changes not saving.
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Recently I made som changes to my custom story which I sent to my friend to play through. However, the problem is that the changes I made is not showing up in his game when he plays. What might the problem be, and what can be done to fix this? Any help will of course be appreciated.
Did you send the custom story to him with .map_cache files intact? They are located in the same folder with the .map files.

If you still have them delete them, and changes to the map should show up normally.
No, there are no .map_cache files intact.
Another problem might be that overlapping file names may be interfering with each other. If he has them, tell him to delete any older versions of the map he has.

Is he the only one with this problem? Try doing it on another computer, or another installation of Amnesia on your own computer if possible to see if the problem is still present for those.
When he got the custom story he deleated the old one completely and put the new version in the custom_stories folder.

No, he is not the only one with this problem. I tried once with my laptop, same thing.
What sort of changes not showing up are we talking about here?
The changes I made was that I removed some candles and added new rooms.
Make sure you are not loading a game save and save the level with a different name, that should help you find the problem.
Are you talking about the Level Editor or in-game?