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Full Version: Bugs, fixes and workarounds for A Machine for Pigs - including FOV and surround sound
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Seems like the appropriate thread to post this. I stopped playing Amnesia for a few hours and when I loaded up the game and pressed continue it brought up a 2.5 hr old save. Also my saves seem to be scattered all over the place, the most recent save should be at the top. But for some reason it is located in the middle, in-between 30 or so saves.
At first playthrough I got stuck in the room behind the stuffed bear in the mansion. When entering the room I pulled back the bear towards in the original position, and the secret door closed in front of me again. I was able to get out though.. I could see the 'curserhand' change when pointing over the left crack of the door, I then managed to push it back so it opens.

I'm posting this as a bug since i thought it was scripted that the door would lock behind me when i turned the valve, and i spent about 20 minutes figuring out what to do.. until i reloaded at an earlier state.
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