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Full Version: The blue filter
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Hi everyone, I have two questions about the blue filter you can see at beggining:

- is it permanent through the whole game ?
- is there a way to disable it ?

because it feels like my image is oversaturated and its kinda unpleasant Confused

thank you for any answer Smile
My gamma slider is buggy. I'll slide it one way, the gamma will adjust, then it will flicker back to the same brightness. Doesn't matter where the slider is. I'm about 45 minutes in and just figured I could see well because there were lights but there's no way I should see the blue haze.

So after 45 minutes of playing the blue filter is still here... mmm

guess i'll have to deal with it... what a shame.

strange because during the main menu, the blue filter is not activated.
(09-10-2013, 10:41 AM)Deu sex Wrote: [ -> ]strange because during the main menu, the blue filter is not activated.

Exactly! The title screen looks great. The black is actually black.
its so annoying......... making the lantern completely useless, this thing is really ruinning my experience Confused

where is the dark black ?
I don't know what you're talking about, played part of the game and it seems fine to me. Might be your graphics card acting up or maybe your monitor. Could try changing the RGB values and see if that helps.
thank you but i saw a lot of playthrough of it and everyone has his image with some kind of blue filter/colorgrading so its not coming from my graphics card
I love you
You're gorgeous, Mister Plankton
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