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Full Version: A Machine for Pigs: Illegal prop porting to Dark Decent.
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So I am sure everyone is wondering if it is illegal to use the new assets from Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs. Basically porting the static/entities to your Amnesia Dark Decent. This would cause some problems though.

- If it was legal, then everyone who wants to play a custom story and someone else has that prop for there custom story, it could add up allot of memory. A waste of space for 1 prop.

- If it was illegal, then if someone puts that prop in there custom story for The Dark Decent, then they would be illegally handing over props to people who do not own A Machine for Pigs.

I think it would be a illegal activity to do. Taking there new props and porting it to Dark Decent. Because someone else would get that prop for free without paying for the game. And lets face it, this was made by A Chinese Room company, not Frictional Games. (Well they provided the deal and tools.)

So I am not sure what the deal is on this issue.
So what are your thoughts on this?
It's completely legal since FG is making a patch that gives TDD all the assets of AMFP.
People have also ported Penumbra assets to TDD and that was made by a moderator.
When will the patch for TDD be ready?
No idea. Probably after most of the problems with AMFP are fixed.
I don't understand much about custom stories, so I have to ask this. Will it be possible to use the pig monsters from A:AMFP but making them behave like the Grunts or Brutes from A:TDD?

I think that would be really interesting. When I played A:AMFP, I didn't notice the difference in how they behave (less "aggressively") because I was very immersed and moved slowly, but I know they won't scare me again like they did in my first playthrough.
(09-10-2013, 12:34 PM)Sampyli Wrote: [ -> ]It's completely legal since FG is making a patch that gives TDD all the assets of AMFP.

Where did they said this? I already imported some assets from AAMFP for my CS and I don't want the trouble of replacing those.
Post #3, please.