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Full Version: V-Sync is not stopping screen tearing
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I'm getting some major screen tearing, and I have vsync enabled. Is anybody else experiencing this? It's very jarring for me, kind of ruins the immersion.
(09-10-2013, 08:33 AM)Babomancer Wrote: [ -> ]I'm getting some major screen tearing, and I have vsync enabled. Is anybody else experiencing this?

I'm getting slight tearing, even with modified settings. If I'm going to have slight tearing every ~30 sec, I'd at least rather have it with pretty graphics.
Make sure the graphics card is not set to put vsync to off, make sure control panel leaves it up to the game to decide, or try to force it active.
Are you sure that your system is enough for the game?
Jens, I forced it on in my graphics card options (it was left up to the game before) and it seems better now. Will report back with more as I play.

Arbies: Yes. i5 3570k, GTX 660, 8 gigs mem, should be fine.
Changing vsync to always on in graphic card settings (had it turned on in-game before) fixed the problem. Thanks!
I turned V-Sync on in the options menu, and the screen still tears (as if it's off).

My GPU settings are not overriding anything, before anyone asks that. I'm using an Nvidia GeForce GT430 (1GB), I know it's old, but it still plays the game well enough. I know I can force the game to do it through CP, but I'd rather the games setting do it, as it should.

EDIT: I just noticed this thread, but I didn't want to hijack their thread. Maybe a moderator could merge the two? if needed anyway.
Same here, GeForce GTX 780 and tearing when ingame V-Synch on, perfectly smooth with forced V-Synch on in Nvidia's control panel (instead of "let the application decide")
vSync is not working for me as well. The tearing is too much to keep playing like this. My nvidia control panel is set to defaults meaning it's up to the game.

GTX 660 Ti, updated drivers
Same here, except I experience shuttering too.
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