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Full Version: What happened to your QA? Game not fit for purpose
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Why have you deleted this thread from last night? If you delete a thread at least have the courtesy to say why or let me know where its relocated. Otherwise this could be seen as censorship...

Seriously I think I'm going to leave it until you issue a patch.

This game is not fit for purpose right now.

There doesn't even appear to be a good way to report bugs here - why not have a ticket system?

I reported a fatal exception earlier today (entire system reboots) and offered to provide logs. never mind.

I bought the game from gamefly and will try to get my money back.
What thread are you talking about? Did you post it in tech support? If not then it has been moved there, if you did post in tech support and can't find it then either it is far down the list or it has been merged into another thread because it was a duplicate. If you click on your name you can see your user profile, which lets you also click to show your posts, so you can find your issue.

I remember the thread and check it now. There is an answer (two in fact). 1. Too low power and 2. Running the game on high on a low end card is not recommended.