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(09-16-2013, 04:09 AM)RMJ Wrote: [ -> ]When you see the pigmen in their cells or room or what you wanna call them.

Actually i felt quite sorry for them. Sad it turns out they arent the monsters, you are the the horrible monster. What irony and very very dark.

Its nice to have this thread to clear up some lose ends, its actually a pretty dark story.

I too believe that that dude in the machine was the one on the phones.

But the other one is clearly in his head, because he talks to you in the most odd places, and i was like but there is anyway for him to speak to me here, so it has to be in my head. Split personality.

Could the dude in the machine be the professor ? never quite got what happened to him. he hit him or killed him from what i gathered.

I just wish for more now!. i kinda hope at least one more Amnesia game, with a sort of tie in like this. really enjoy the games so far. Could take game game inbetween or further in the future, or even keep it in the time of machine for pigs or even go further back to the past.

Oswald killed the professor and skinned him.
Hmmmm... Manpigs were not the technical limits of the reanimation process. It was a form chosen on purpose. It is stated in a note that he could even reanimate a head without a body.

Spoiler below!

August 19th 1899
Von Reichenbach writes of the Odic Force, whilst that ignorant charlatan Blavatsky pontificated upon the soul. They are both cretins. To think one could strive for such great heights without wading first through puke and innard, without standing upon an architecture of bones! Montezuma was the wiser. But here, in our temples of steel, I have witnessed the severed head of a man, recently trampled to death by a runaway carriage, immersed in a solution of the Brennenburg compound open his eyes, and cry "Oh where are my legs Sir? Where is my body?" We are breaking through the barriers of death itself. Oh my dead darling Lily, it is too late for you, but I promise you this: I will save our children from death and, if need be, I will wrench them back from the blackness with this wonderful concoction!

So yeah. There is nothing stopping him from reanimating humans intact. But don't forget he considered humans unreliable and hard to work with. He wanted "a new creature for our chattels: loyal, clever, strong, easily sated." So he made a hybrid with those qualities. Pigs alone wouldn't have been useful.

This also means that as long as he still had his children heads he could reanimate them. He could even sew some orphan bodies for them in a process similar to the manpig creation.
(09-16-2013, 05:06 AM)Corbent Wrote: [ -> ]This also means that as long as he still had his children heads he could reanimate them. He could even sew some orphan bodies for them in a process similar to the manpig creation.

There are those Manpig(let)s in cradles. I think you may be right on this... Well, assuming Manpigs couldn't breed...
Quote:Vertical Wrote:

It wasn't built by Mandus. The mansion along with its hidden features passed onto Oswald when his father died.

I guess so, but there in the part "My darling Lillibeth, my father's house has many rooms, and as for mine...well, it also has its secret chambers." also has a obvious biblical reference (well, obvious at least to me):

John 14:2 - My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you?


Quote:Kein Wrote:

Thanks for talking and thinking for me, but I believe I'm still capable to do so myself, unlike Mandus.

Ouch. That was pretty rude. Disguised cleverly as a polite comment, but still rude.
I mentioned this before, when people were grumbling about the Manpigs being humanized too early, but did anybody notice the Pig driving the truck? this is pretty close to the start of the game, I saw this truck drive by, and didn't see the driver at first, so I restarted my save file, and found this.

[Image: abiu.jpg]

It's probably the earliest place you can see the big Pigs, and it really surprised me to see that, when I was first playing through, I mean seeing the one sleeping on the bed in Mandus's house at the start humanized them quite a bit to me, but seeing one just driving a truck down the street really shocked me for a little while, and also showed their intelligence too.

Anyways I love reading all the theories here, but I still am not sure which ones might be correct, I'm hoping that the entire game isn't just in Mandus's head, but if it is then so be it.
So am I the only one who thinks the orb isn't inherently evil? I think it revels in chaos, but that's about it. Even the Shadow from TDD didn't really seem all that evil to me. Its mindless indiscriminate killing seemed more like a safety mechanic, like an otherworldly trap rather than an actual entity. Hell, perhaps the Shadow was put in place by an earlier civilization so that nobody would have to face the consequences of using the orb. And yes, I really those two ideas are rather conflicting, but I don't really care. I'm just speculating, and while the idea about the Shadow makes more sense, I feel the orb idea is more true.
The shadow is definitely very self-aware, and quite sadistic. In certain areas of TDD, the shadow if it has Daniel cornered it will slow its advance almost as if mocking him.
Huh, maybe I should replay TDD and tease the shadow at random. Smile
Quote: This also means that as long as he still had his children heads he could reanimate them.
He only had their skulls, which have even been buried for some time. I doubt that he could reanimate those, considering there is no brain in it.
Wait a gosh-darn minute....

How is Mandus not marked by the shadow if he touched the orb?(And to some extent, abusing it's power?)

Also, how much do we know about the engineer? I can only remember one reference to him, and that's a conversation between the professor and Mandus, where the Engineer is fully on-board and "has seen the evils of society" to heavily paraphrase? I'm assuming he's the guy who designed the machine?