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(09-24-2013, 06:49 AM)Alardem Wrote: [ -> ]-Is it possible that Edwin and Enoch's diary actually dates back from 1898, and that the writer simply had a typo?
We have another note dated 1898 regarding Compound X which seems to be typo as well, but we don't know. None of the devs commented about that, though, we know they read the thread.

So may be it is not a typo.
April 30th 1899
The crate arrived this morning, and I had it delivered directly to the workshop. The body is remarkably preserved, although there is a subtle yet nauseating stench of damp and rot. It is humanoid in shape, but has suffered severe skeletal deformity. Remnants of leather straps encase the torso, which is deformed, with evidence of substantial muscle mass and displacement. It is difficult to ascertain whether this unfortunate is the recipient of some barbarous surgery, or was born deformed and an attempt to force his gnarled body into some semblance of humanity was made. What he is I cannot tell, but I smell the Orb upon him, and suspect my great uncle's presence in his curious condition.

So it can be done. We can reshape the body into a tool, accelerate the processes of Mr Darwin's evolution. But here my great uncle and I part company. He chose men as the subjects of his experiments, but men are difficult to control and rotten with sentimentality. No, we require a new creature for our chattels: loyal, clever, strong, easily sated.

Is this a Grunt hes talking about?

Edit: Ugh, went through the pages and looked and it had been discussed before. Certainly has to be a grunt.
Shit, I just realised Kein had already done the same thing with the notes (and even arranged them chronologically):

Sorry man, I hope you don't think I was trying to steal your thunder Heart
(09-12-2013, 10:37 PM)APSS2013 Wrote: [ -> ]Has everyone failed to notice this shortcut?
[Image: LRZoZ12.jpg]

My reaction to everything on this forum that will ever happen. Just kidding don't take it serious.

Dialogue & Voice Over | Massive Spoilers!

Mansion (Child)
Spoiler below!

Daddy, daddy, find us.

Papa, papa this way!

There's a bad man coming.

It's hide and seek Papa!

We're hiding Daddy.


Spoiler below!
I held your hand and watched the blood pool between your legs.

You lived long enough to see Edwin, but not Enoch.

I will take care of them my love, I promise you this.

This dawning epoch, this age of reason.

An empire grown fat, ripe for the bleeding.

You don't mind if I record this, do you? I find it most useful.

Ah, you have one of those wonderful de Martinville's? No, of course not, my dear fellow.

It's my own design, Professor, along with everything you see.

Most useful. You understand, of course, why the Ministry sent me? That they have concerns?


The Machine
Precious eagle cactus fruit... help us.
Mansion Two
Spoiler below!
I must say my dear man, you look awful.

Yes, I seem to have picked up something rather nasty in Mexico.

I do understand. What you have been through... a lesser man would have crumbled. Yet you have made all of this. Your great factory, your charities. It is a wonder. For one man alone...

It will all be made clear Professor. But first, a drink?

This way Papa - come and see!

He's coming! Come on Daddy, it's this way.

Come and see Papa. We've found an egg, a stone egg!

Hands are bleeding, raw. I scrub and scrub but the smell will not lift.

How can I hold my children with these hands now? How can I kiss them goodnight with lips that have issued such instruction?

I am off to market. I will cry all the way home.

I will have none, I will have none at all.

The Machine
Mandus... do you know me?

Who are you? Where are my children?

The Machine
Trapped Mandus, far below us. The Machine is fouled, it is breached, it is flooded. The bulkheads are down, the children are encaged. If you help me, I can help you release them.

Restore the power Mandus, drain the flooding and restart the great engines.

Where should I go? Hello... hello?
Spoiler below!
Come on slowcoach, it's this way!

Can you see us Daddy? We're over here.

Follow us Papa, we know the way.

I told you he'd come.

The Machine
The shaking ground you feel is our attempts to clear the floodwaters. Treachery Mandus, we were undone. Your children are trapped by this act, you must find them before it is too late.

What do you need me to do? How can I find them?

The Machine
Always deeper Mandus. Through the piston room and into the tunnels, then find the bilge and flush the rotten water. I will help you where I can, but you must be swift, my little friend.

Bandaged feet and eyes. Small bones in the orchard.

I have carried this world on my back, with its legs about me.

Damn this wretched soul, I am given birth to nothing but machinery.

Hold still, for god's sake hold still child, don't let it get into your eyes! I'm going to rinse it out now... there.

It will be fine, you just need to lie down. Enoch, look to your brother! How many times have I told you not to play in the cellar!

Extraordinary, quite extraordinary. And you built it all. Good god man, you have been busy.

It is wonderful how tragedy focuses the mind. What else was I to do? Fall into grief, pine and fade in my hopelessness? Why not then simply die in that jungle amongst those dead temples.
Spoiler below!
The Machine
I have such visions to share with thee if my jaw be unshackled and you harvest the crust from my eyes.

Make me clean Mandus, that my thoughts and words can unfouled be.

Come on Papa! Let's climb this one. I can see more pictures at the top!

This way Papa come and see! Will it hatch? Can we take it home?

Yes, my darlings. Of course we can take it home.
Spoiler below!
Oh, I don't like this. It's another one with the knives.

Listen Papa - hold the egg to your ear, you can hear the sea!

Your faith shackles your vision Professor, it is an iron coffin that keeps you from grasping the future.

We require a new deity, one of steam and the wheel, of magnetism and progress. The old God is nothing more than a lamed hog, spitting back offal at mankind.
Spoiler below!
Water in his shoes... always the water and the sparks of the embers of the wheels...

It's too bony! It's too damn bony!

The Machine
Hear me Mandus. I am compromised, our contacts must be brief and occasional. Beware the Wretches who populate this compound. The way you seek is under the pistons.

When you meet the saboteur, you will understand everything.

These men, Professor, these so-called men of vision! They would shackle the masses to a wheel and turn it until their backs break.

All for that opiate, the lure of profit. These fools who lackey them, these priests, these officials, this... government. They make pigs of us all!

But what solution, my dear man, how to break a cycle. You cannot simply remove the promise of a better world for these unfortunates.

In the workhouses, in the orphanages, the belief in heaven is surely the only succour one can find!

We do not need to wait! We can bring forth paradise now! We can speed the passion! With only a small sacrifice we can hold the apocalypse.

With just a small sacrifice we can free our shackles and deliver them to paradise now.
Spoiler below!
The Machine
The lift has been sabotaged. You will have to find another way to the tunnels.

Take care in this place Mandus, it is the crucible of the evil that stalks these corridors.

Quickly Mandus, find the entrance nearby. The children weep in the darkness and the floodwaters continue to rise.

This way Papa, come and find us.

Down here Daddy! Faster, faster!

Over there, place it in the corner. What? You think I speak Prussian? Do I look like an inbred hog sir?

Who gives a damn what it contains, just set it down carefully and leave me be.

It fell onto his hands and they eroded in front of me.

To stumps. To stumps.

Next time, we will use an equal mix of Infusion Vitae and Orgone Disperser.

No, no. Just take him out. You can dump him in the river for all I care!
Spoiler below!
Isn't it dangerous allowing this filthy discharge to collect so close to the core?

The Machine
We can use the flow to drive the turbines.

There will always be a torrent of excreta flooding through these tunnels.

We can use this to supplement the steam production and ensure constancy.

Dear God, the stench. This faecal matter is the true product of the age.

But we can save them, we can set them free. We can replace a rotten old world with a clean new one!

Mr Mandus, you sound every bit the fanatic.

Well how can I be otherwise, Professor? How can any man of ethics simply stand by and watch this world drown in its own excrement?

And your engineer, this visionary with whom you have embarked upon this course, does he share you views?

Indeed he does, indeed he does. The poor fellow has seen it all before. Now this is not the first great civilization he has wept for.

And so you set about things immediately upon your return?

Naturally, naturally. These things cannot be left to rot upon the tree. And sponsors were remarkably easy to find.

I tell you Professor, a trail of greed brings rich men to your door, like pigs to truffles.

The Machine
Faster Mandus. Drain the waters, open the way to the bilge pumps.

We are waiting for you.

The Machine
Yes, yes! Now enter the bilge. Flush away this rotten world and open the doorway to my heart!

That's it Papa! You're so near now!
Spoiler below!
I told you he'd come

I said you'd come

He's here! He's here!

You seem to have undergone quite a profound conversion in Mexico, Mr Mandus.

You could not have seen it yourself and not, Professor. As we disembarked, even through my fever I saw the detritus of this so-called progress.

I saw starvation and disease, rot and destruction polluting the waters of the Empire.

We are ruiners, you and I and all of us, and we make the world unclean.

And you took it upon yourself to act as redeemer?

Professor, I would not be so presumptuous. I am merely a conduit.

I am constructing an architecture to wrestle our damnation to the ground and smother it with steam.

Ahead the trickle to still waters. I dragged myself deeper into the temple, downward ever.

Towards a wind that held the voices of my children, beckoning me to set them free.
Spoiler below!
Daddy! Daddy!

Oh Papa, oh Daddy... what have you done?

I tried, I tried so hard. I will uphold my promise, I will always protect them for you.

My eyes are your eyes, my heart is your heart, I will rip them loose from this rotten world and set them to burn, all to save them.

The Machine
I live! I breathe again! I rise, I will rise to bleach the sky and still the water!

I will spin the world wheel and set the future upon the path to redemption!

Where are my children? You promised me my children!

The Machine
My time is come! More pig! More pig!

And they feel no pain. The process is completely humane?

Humane, Professor? That we judge the acceptable level of suffering by the human condition?

Ask the beggar, Professor. Ask the orphan, ask the whore. Ask the starving Professor, the weak, the sick, the filthy.

Ask them to define your humane!

The Machine
And we came then to London and you set me upon a mantelpiece and then you went into the house and gathered the servants and we set, you and I, on re-crafting them, and then you went into the garden and buried those tiny shattered skulls alone.

For your children Mandus. To spare them the world you have created.

For us all.

Quickly, quickly, the air is thin. Their little faces turn blue Mandus, they suffocate, they suffocate!

Now Mandus! Set them free! Set them all free!

Oh dear god, dear Christ. What is this place?

Boys. Boys, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry
Spoiler below!
Will it... hurt them?

The Machine
A cleansing fire always burns, little Mandus, but it purifies and it makes anew.

Did it hurt to carve out the fevered flesh? Did it hurt to cut free the gangrenous foot?

Ask instead this - Can we save them?

When did I say that? That is not me, that is not me!

And, emerging, I raised my head to an uncaring sun and I cursed this world of pain and despair.

This civilization built on the ricketed bones of the unfortunate, on the greed and swell of Mammon and Empire.

Cradling a stone egg in my jacket, I kissed my children farewell and I crawled my way home.

Where are they? Where are my children?

The Machine
Why do you ask Mandus? You know the answer well enough.

What are you doing little piggy? Do you think I will allow you to sabotage me again?

I want my children you unholy bastard!

The Machine
This is your doing Mandus, this is what you dreamt into being.

I will stop you! I will save them.

The Machine
You are too late. It begins. My work has begun. Kill them, my piggies, kill them all!
Spoiler below!
Oh no, oh God no. What have I done?

The Machine
Mandus! I know you are out here! I own this city, I am this city!

No, this is not what I meant. This is not what I meant at all!

The Machine
Redeem yourselves! Redemption is at hand! Enter the cleansing and set your souls free!

For you are born into filth and will die as pigs.

Only through my redemption can you ascend to the skies and claim the heavens as your kingdom.

Fall on your knees! Ashes, ashes, bones and ashes!

For the pile will reach critical and we can have such a burning that this city will shine as a beacon of redemption for the world!

The Machine
Do you hear me Mandus? This is what you planned!

This world is a machine! A Machine for Pigs! Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs!

Whores, beggars, orphans, filthy degenerates. Pigs all. But I will purify the streets, cleanse this city, set the great industry free. I will clean the world, make it pure!

Beast! Creature! Where are my children? Where are my children?
Spoiler below!
But will they be free?

The Machine
Yes, my friend, drained and bled and freed from the prison of the flesh.

Free to ascend as smoke to the stars.

And the good, the worthy. How will we save them?

The Machine
Show me these worthy, Mandus. Show me these good. I do not see them.

Oh men, how have I wronged you? Your filth is your humanity, to scrub you clean is to lose the very act of life itself.

The Machine
Silence, Mandus, you imbecile, you weakling, you cretin.

A revolution of simpletons. These retarded harbingers, offal and sputum, yes, you belong amongst them, and you can die amongst them.

I know you, Machine. I know what you fear. I will rain excrement into your very soul. I will destroy you.

The Machine
You are too late Mandus. My great works are almost begun

I am here again, at the foot of those stairs.

Towards the red light of the nursery, sunset in the window like a bleeding sky, the horizon a slit throat, the seeping dark to drain the guilt from us.

I am the jaguar-faced man, I am the feathered serpent. This priesthood is mine.

I climb in stillness now, blue water runs in my veins now I am clean.

I carry the knife of this factory, the bowl of this mill. I am come to collect you from your fields and your furnaces.

I will gather you into the white clouds. I will gather you to me and I will take you home.

The Professor
I can meet him? Your great engineer? How marvellous! I must say Mr Mandus, my excitement is almost unseemly!

Yes, I can see that. Step this way Professor. I will be right behind you.


Mandus? Mandus, where the devil are you? I can't see a damn thing. Mandus!

We are the pig Professor. We are all the pig.
Spoiler below!
The Machine
Hear me Mandus. My gears are adjust, my steam is built.

Soon I will spill that blue water and split the egg, the atom, my soul and there will be a very great burning that we might make the world clean.

Be proud for this is your doing. Until you steeped me in the blood of your own I was nothing but rotten architecture.

The Machine
You have made me and I will make the world anew.

But why did you take my children?

The Machine
I, Mandus? Of all the blood we have spilled together, the first drops fell from your hands alone.

Then I am damned for a filicide and everything is lost.

Oh God help me. I am lost in the dry paper soul of the world.

The Machine
Mandus. Put aside your misguided crusade and let me save them.

You may hate me Mandus, but I have seen the future, your twentieth century and let me tell you this: a far greater slaughter awaits you there.

I seek to save the world by blood now, before millions fall beneath history, pushed under by blade, bullet and gas.

Only to save you, only to spare you. I would have given my soul to spare you this world and its loam.

Oh my children, my children, what have I done? What have I become?

I will put it right, my darlings. All of my wrongs will be righted. All of my sins washed clean.

I love you my darlings and I am sorry. I am sorry for all I have done. I simply loved you all too much for this world

I have you now creature. I will destroy you

The Machine
Stop him! Stop him! Kill him!

It is over. It is time to end this madness.
Spoiler below!
The Machine
Mandus, listen to your heart, you know you are with me. You created me to save the world. I am your friend.

Mandus, please. I am no more evil than you. We sought the same thing, to save humanity, ridding them of their painful, stupid, pointless lives.

Mandus, stop. Think about what you are doing. For your children, Mandus.

Do not speak of my children, monster.

The Machine
I did not kill your children, Mandus. You sacrificed them on the temple steps knowing what the coming century would do to them.

Your sons will drown, lungs full of mud and shrapnel, on the banks of the Somme. You wanted to save them from the horror to come.

That is the vision we shared. Everything we have built to avert this coming nightmare. You and I are one. We are the same, our souls are entangled.

We deserve to make them free!

I am begging you. You made me. You are my Creator, my Father. You cannot destroy me!


The Machine
Please Mandus no, for your children!

Smash it Papa, Smash it!

Daddy, Daddy, please don't kill me.

The Machine
Yes, yes Mandus. I knew you understood. Just a few seconds more and the egg will hatch.

I am created. My layers peel and the air begins to vibrate around me! Soon, we will be aflame!

It is done, thank you Mandus. Let there be light!

I have stood knee deep in mud and bone and filled my lungs with mustard gas. I have seen two brothers fall. I have lain with holy wars and copulated with the autumnal fallout.

I have dug trenches for the refugees; I have murdered dissidents where the ground never thaws and starved the masses into faith.

A child's shadow burnt into the brickwork. A house of skulls in the jungle.

The innocent, the innocent, Mandus, trod and bled and gassed and starved and beaten and murdered and enslaved. This is your coming century!

They will eat them Mandus, they will make pigs of you all and they will bury their snouts into your ribs and they will eat your hearts!

Spoiler below!


I lay there and watched the God I had created die. At the end when we were cold as the stone we had hewn his body from.

When the lights were nearly all extinguished. We heard in the silent distance, the Manpigs singing to one another.

Then, as the last lights were gone, and we lay together in the deep, they drifted away and all was silent. Such a silence I have never known.

And as the dust settled on my open eyes, and we lay together embraced forever, I heard, miles above us, the sound of the city turning over in its sleep.

A church bell ringing out, and in that moment, the new century was born.

(09-24-2013, 02:45 PM)Kein Wrote: [ -> ]
(09-24-2013, 06:49 AM)Alardem Wrote: [ -> ]-Is it possible that Edwin and Enoch's diary actually dates back from 1898, and that the writer simply had a typo?
We have another note dated 1898 regarding Compound X which seems to be typo as well, but we don't know. None of the devs commented about that, though, we know they read the thread.

So may be it is not a typo.

It's definitely not a typo, since the children wrote about the machine and the Manpigs when they described what they believed to be a haunted room.

(09-24-2013, 05:07 AM)Paddy Wrote: [ -> ]Mansion
Spoiler below!
Edwin and Enoch's diary, October 3rd 1899
Daddy says we're not allowed to play with the animals anymore. We were playing hide and seek with Cook and he came and shouted at us, just as we were going to hide behind Mr Grumpy Teddy. Cook says it's because of the guns in there, but he always lets us help polish them, so it can't be that. Anyway, that room is haunted. If you sneak around there at night, you can hear the ghosts in the walls behind the cases. They are often angry, or that's how it sounds. We think that's why you can hear them rattling their chains and slamming doors and things like that. We don't like it in there anyway.
FYI, if you want to find any of the previously posted compilations of notes and text from the game you can find quick links directly to them at the top of the Info Portal. Hopefully that'll save everyone the trouble of back-tracking through the thread.

EDIT: I added the same links to the first post of this thread.
Hi there,
I read the whole discussion 3 hours - honestly. Just to start I want to say that I played a lot of games. But this game is unique in its story. After I finished crying about an hour. And I altrustic depressed following week. Such a special and very strong feelings.

game really gave me a lot. It is a philosophical discourse about ourselves

... I wanted to add a little something about the importance of the symbolism of the pyramid .... sorry for bad en

The metaphor of the world as mountains. Mountain as the giver of life, who embodies in the form of a pyramid. This sacred platform, square as the world itself, is the theater of the gods and a playground where they play their game. They play with time and the game is creating and destroying sets. For gods there is no difference between destruction and formation of worlds. Each of their pirouettes is a world that is born or terminated. Destruction and creation are antithetical concepts for man, but the identical for gods. Everything is a game. In their games as wars and dances, gods creating and destroying worlds and sometimes themselves.

This victim, the massacre again creates the world. Gods game is a bloody game culminating victims, which is the creation of the world.

Pyramid, the fossilized time, place of divine sacrifice is also the image of the Aztec state and its mission: to ensure the continuity of the solar cult, which is the source of all life. Identifying the solar cult is the same as the government is the sun. Every day is born, fighting, dying and being born again ...
The books Octavio Paz. criticism of the pyramid
Are you saying the Illuminati's involved in this? :p

I don't recall mountains being a metaphor in AMFP. The Machine, however, serves as a dual-purpose symbolization of both industrialization and the cycle of slaughter that some people perceive as part of human nature.
no illuminá mountain like a pyramid.

one concept of many. So it is obvious that he was disgusted when he saw it. And he got shit idea

I mean just think about why is the pyramid at the end