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Full Version: Crashes All The Time
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No matter where I am, Requiem always crashes every 15 or so minutes. I don't understand why, since I ran Overture and Black Plague perfectly fine.
Could it be some overheating on cpu / graphics card? Could you check the temperatures of those and make sure the fans are working properly?

If it is not hardware problem it is very hard to say what it might be. Is it any map especially that it crashes on? Or does it seem to be more time based?
I have exactly the same problem. Overture and BP ran fine, but Requiem crashes. I don't get anywhere near 15 minutes -- usually 10-30 seconds, and I'm only just past the opening. I can't get anywhere due to constant ATIKMDAG crashes. Drivers are all up to date.

I have 4GB RAM, ATi 3870 and Intel E8400 @3.0GHz. Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

I do not believe heat to be an issue in this case and not other game I have owned (Crysis, Left4Dead, Assassin's Creed, etc) have ever caused this issue.

Would like to finish the series (penumbra collection on DVD from Amazon), so any advice welcome.
Run the game and after a crash please go to My Documents/Penumbra/Requiem/ and take the hpl.log file and post it here.

Have you tested to run the game with all settings turned to low/off? Just to see if that makes it stop crashing.
I was able to solve the issue...

I thought it may be a heat issue, so I used RivaTuner to keep the videocard fan at 100%, but that did not help -- just made my PC louder.

The secret sauce is to *underclock* the video card. Seems counter-intuitive, but there you are. My ATi 3870 is currently set to the lowest settings for GPU and Memory clocks (700MHz and 1015MHz respectively). The fan is back to auto and continues to run well.

Here's the thing... I have very high graphics settings (1440x900, everything on and maxed) and now Requiem runs fine, great even. All on an underclocked card. Go figure.

RivaTuner will help with the underclock, or if you have CCC installed, you can use the overdrive utility. Catalyst version 9.1, BTW.

Hope that helps!