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Full Version: Pigs and the Bugs
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I took a picture of them, but for some reason when I look at the picture absolutely nothing loads (when I look at it on my Steam screenshots AND my ondisk ones), so I'll try and explain the best I can.

Spoiler below!
In the room where you have to put the cogs back onto that machine so you can drain the water stuff, I picked up one of the cogs, and I guess I moved too fast when I looked up because it hit the machine, then the wall and then just disappeared. I had to replay from the level before this one to get the cog again.

Also, in that same room, there was a part of the room where I could see through the wall. Hard to explain where it was, but it was on the opposite wall of the machine. And there was one more in another room, I'm sure, but I forget c:

One last thing - Sometimes, when going up stairs (mainly when I was backstepping), I would get stuck on them and have to jump up them. Not that annoying, just felt I should say something.
(09-11-2013, 02:37 AM)Derxor Wrote: [ -> ]Not to be a party pooper but

There is a video in my signature, called "Avoid Capture", fats-forward to 03:50. See what I did with the box to Grunt? I managed to do the same to the pig on a staircase in Piston Area. But in this case I used a chair and big box that you only can push, like this one:

[Image: BOCV26ul.jpg]

[Image: bQFGiIyl.jpg]

[Image: Okay.jpg]
(09-10-2013, 11:19 PM)Bool Wrote: [ -> ]You can trap yourself in the secret room
Spoiler below!
behind the big vitrine with the stuffed bear if you move it back from inside. The door closes if you do that and you have no way of opening it again.

Yeah....that happened to me.

Not my greatest moment.

I thought I was so smart till whoops. hahahaha
And now they say that they released the game months after the original release date because they wanted to fix bugs and stuff... We found tons of them in a day... I'm not saying that it was useless, I can't know what the devs were doing, maybe it was really important but yeah you simply can't create a game like this without leaving no bugs or glitches. At least that's what I learned.
Twice during my first playthrough I had to reload a previous save because of progress-killing glitches, and these glitches are easily repeatable which is how I got the following video clips (there's no audio, to reduce filesize).

Out of Bounds [11.28 MB]

Crouched down next to a door to hide from a pig monster, fell through the ground.

Sticky Gas Gan/Vanishing Gas Can [27.61 MB]

Climbing through the window with the empty gas can, on the way to fill it up, it suddenly got stuck to the wall and wouldn't come off. After trying to dislodge it for a while it disappeared into the wall.

Sorry for the non-streaming links, I don't have a YouTube account Big Grin If someone wants to upload them to their own account feel free!
No screenshot. But at the very beginning, in the attic. I took the teddy bear by Edwin and Enoch's Diary entry and dropped it in the crate that you need to move out of the way in order to progress any further. The crate just, stopped moving afterward and I couldn't even find the bear again.

Luckily this was just from dicking around after having beaten the game. But yeah.
Can someone explain the point of this bridge:
[Image: FKiDnh1l.png]
You easily can get around by jumping from barrels (no, not those that fell down) to the ledge.
In the first level, all the corners of the ceilings overlap. One shape into another. You just need to raise your lantern to see the ceiling corners flicker, if you are close enough. Though this seems to be a lot of things to fix...
I was actually one of the insanely lucky ones who did not run into a single glitch during my entire run.
I notice there has been an update to AMFP, is there a public ChangeLog available somewhere?
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