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Full Version: Pigs and the Bugs
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[Image: yvpHVU1l.png]

Spoiler below!
[Image: udmWe8zl.png]
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[Image: QAvm9JPl.png]
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This is a pretty severe bug, but it's not gamebreaking unless you want it to. While I was running around I noticed how you can clip out of the map in corners as posted before, since I knew this was overlapping models that made it able for me to clip through I thought back to my WoW days and started jumping in every corner I found. I noticed that I could get some good air if I did it precisly enough and when I found a good spot I managed to skip an entire level. Posting pictures Here is the Imgur gallery, enjoy

EDIT: FYI I replayed the level so that I didn't miss any of the story
Near the end when you see 2 pigs at a mansion while looking through a grate, the passage is too narrow and you can clip out of the map
Not sure if this is a bug, but decided to post it here:

Spoiler below!
In the Tunnels, Holding Pens area, there's a monster on our way.

Is he supposed to despawn completely, or is this meant to be a silent, close-call sneak-by moment?

Here's the video with both examples:

Every single piece of dialogue excluding "Daddy" effect voices had the subtitles lagging a full 3 or 4 seconds behind the actual audio. Nothing to holler about until it really messes up the ending cutscene Sad
First post here. Tongue But in my playthrough I found a really weird bug.

This is about where it happens. I don't wanna spoil it but it's a weird one. xD
At the beginning of the game there are walls you can jump throug it.
Then you can above the rooms, but what is this(?):
and a room behind the beginning room:
Secret rooms? Big Grin
Two bugs I encountered:

1. In the level with the machine that mixes the three chemicals. I got one jar out of the barrel, put it in the transportation pipe and pulled the lever. Then tried to do that for another jar but it wasn't accepted by the pipe so I put it on the floor for later. I do not remember exactly my next steps but the bug was that the jar lying on the floor was put into the transportation pipe instead of a new one I had grabbed and wanted to put in. I think that was the bug but not 100% sure..

2. In one of the tunnels where you have a vision of your twins running away. The vision starts right after a corner (iirc the tunnel made a 180 degree left turn). I happened to stop right at a moment where I could already see one of the children in a running position but the vision did only start when I moved closer.

Not a bug but annoyance:
In the pit you can fall into. After falling down (and seeing the revealing hint how to throw objects) I immediately knew how to get out of the pit. Still, I decided to examine the pit for a few more seconds, then took the stone and just in that moment the ladder came down on its own. Please increase that timeout..
(09-11-2013, 11:00 PM)Kein Wrote: [ -> ]
Spoiler below!
[Image: QAvm9JPl.png]
LOL pig twerking
(09-12-2013, 12:16 AM)Hardarm Wrote: [ -> ]Near the end when you see 2 pigs at a mansion while looking through a grate, the passage is too narrow and you can clip out of the map

i had that exact same one but i did it by accident :L
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