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Full Version: Piano Music
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I would like to know name of music file in a:amfp files of that beautiful piano music. I was searching but i didnĀ“t found anything. Any Help ?
Mandus' theme? Look for "music_temple_mandus_theme_new.ogg" in the /music/temple/ folder
(09-16-2013, 08:33 PM)Kurton Wrote: [ -> ]Mandus' theme? Look for "music_temple_mandus_theme_new.ogg" in the /music/temple/ folder

Wow forgot about that one too , thats amazingly beautiful thanks , but i mean the one in beginning , when you get nearby it , you know what... Big Grin
Music from the beginning would be in the "mansion" folder, and the closest one to the beginning I can find that's piano-driven is music_mans_darkening.ogg, otherwise I'm stumped.
Try looking for it here