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Full Version: Examination Room
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Hi everyone thanks for having me here. I ' am really stuck in this section of the game. Now i will explain what i have done so i can get some help.

I've collected all 6 of the containers needed they are as follows,


I also have placed the large container in the buttom left of the machine witch contains that glowing crystal inside...
Once all containers are inserted at the top of the machine i press the buttons in sequence like so,

2 1 6 4 5 3
Reading from the note backwards it says the panel is like so,

I keep getting that it is wrong and i cannot continue from here. Please! what i'm i doing wrong here this is pissing me off! I have read the other treads about this and i have tried them all but nothing happens for me to continue on. much help is appreciated THANKS!

in the spoiler section required a quick search to find it enjoy