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Full Version: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH
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I did some tests with this 1.02 patch. There is less stuttering issues, it's clear. Without the patch, even if the game is installed on a SSD, the game stuttered.

Unfortunately, I have the "40fps bug". Afer a few minutes, the game automatically locks himself on 40 fps.

I don't have any V-sync issues with or without the patch.

My hardware :
Intel Core i5-4670K
Nvidia GeForce GTX 660
SSD Sandisk Ultra Plus 256 GB
Windows 8 Pro x64

I hope you will release the patch soon, I really enjoyed this game Wink
Are those *.map_cache included into the patch installer really needed?
Final update will be posted here:

Thanks to Jens for the new update thread. I had a very bad feeling about the patch, because after a long time there weren't any new status information, but now I'm very happy to see a new patch is coming...Tongue
Still no news about the patch?

I want to report that this patch fixes a problem with the sound not working properly, which at least one other person stumbled upon as well.

Basically in 9 out of 10 attempts when starting the game there is no music and no voices, only certain sound effects can be heard. The game also hangs with a black screen when exiting and I need to kill it through task manager.

Strangely enough, every now and then - approximately on every 10th attempt - sound is suddenly working as it should, and I can also exit the game normally.

This is the GOG version with the latest patch available from there.

Is there a reason why the patch from this thread is not officially released yet? It would have saved me hours of fiddling around trying to get the sound working.
Is there a reason why the patch from this thread is not officially released yet : SOMA??
About your issue, do you start an Amnesia game or MOD?
Overall, do you have other equipment added ( streaming ) ?? that could interupt anything?
Is the patch still planned?
(08-11-2014, 10:28 AM)werewolfy Wrote: [ -> ]Is the patch still planned?

That's a good question. We hope it will get finished when SOMA is out. But an official reply by Jens would be pretty fine!
The long waiting without a message is a bit curious.
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