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Full Version: HELP TEST AAMFP 1.02 PATCH
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If you have the time please help with testing this patch. Mainly just check so that the installer works and that the game does not get any new bugs after using the installer. This installer only works 100% as it should with our standard installer (which Humble Store uses for example). You can use the installer with Steam and other specific releases, but have to manually copy the files to the correct location after having installed the patch (you copy the contenst of the redist folder from the patch into the game folder in Steam where the aamfp.exe is. You do this correct if prompted to replace files and merge folders).

If you have any issues please include with report version of Windows (if 32- or 64-bit as well) and general hardware info.

Download here:

1.01 and 1.02 Changelog

- Fixed crashing on start due to some USB devices being plugged in.
- Improved gamepad support and fixed numerous small issues with gamepads.
- Fixed stuttering issues when playing sounds (need to remove main_settings.cfg from user documents to make game use new settings).
- Improved performance by optimizing animations.
- Fixed mouse movememnt in widescreen (in particular for wiiiiidescreen).
- Misc small text fixes in manuals and game.
- Added option to turn off adaptive vsync and colorgrading.
- Fixed Steam cloud issues (update available through Steam, not yet published).
- Added value to specify the frame limit, found and edited in user documents/main_settings.cfg
- Bundled proper Visual C++ redist.
- A slew of misc fixes and tweaks to all levels.

1) Even with ColorGrading on, the first time I run the game blue haze is not there. If I Save & Exit and then Continue, it appears. After that, I can confirm that the setting to disable it works.
2) For some people, like me, mouse settings don't work at all.
3) Adaptive vSync causes tearing. By disabling it, it works. However I have an Nvidia graphics card, shouldn't it work?
4) On some configurations (such as my laptop) vSync does not work at all even with Adaptive disabled.
5) There's a small date error at the kids diaries. Details HERE.
6) Some people experience a "stuck" 40fps issue or switching between 40 & 60 even on good hardware.
7) The pig mask on the seat of the truck near the church floats in the air.
8) If you are fast, it is possible to see the kids disappear at the attic("There's a bad man coming").
9) The description of graphics options is too sort, more time to read needed.


1) Stutters are completely fixed on my system.
2) I can confirm that steam cloud sync issues are fixed including the profile restoration issue.
3) The fans at the decontamination chambers were missing.

My System:

Spoiler below!
OS: Windows 8.1 x64
CPU: Intel i5-3570K
GPU: Nvidia GTX 660 Ti
I am trying to check a level, I have ScriptDebugOn and LoadDebugMenu enabled, but I do not have a lantern, any other option I need to enable?
Do not enable or change anything. Make sure you have a clean installation of the game and then apply v1.0.2 update.
Here are my results, played from start to the piston rooms.
Everything runs fine, no mouse problems or sth for me!

- The installer works, but I'm waiting for a setup-update.
- The blue haze really gets lost by disabling "ColorGrading" now.
- There are by far more (and replaced) pig masks than before, is it right?

But I noticed some weird things:

- The mansion looks great when you disable ColorGrading, because this will remove the blue haze!
But the rest of all levels, especially the cellar, looks like the blue haze is still there. And when you "enable" ColorGrading again, it looks fine there.

In short:
ColorGrading disabled: Mansion looks fine, rest has blue haze and less contrast.
ColorGrading enabled (default): Mansion has blue haze, rest is nice.

Mansion comparison:

[Image: nfrlphek.jpg]

[Image: eg7ih7px.jpg]

It looks much better without ColorGrading (first picture). But I think, that the ColorGrading itself is not the problem. The problem is that the mansion level just use a too blue filter, while other levels looks very nice with ColorGrading. It would be very good when you just can optimize the effect in the mansion to make it less blue.

- An other problem is that V-Sync doesn't work for me. I disabled adaptive V-Sync and just let the true V-Sync enabled. And when I move the mouse around, the screen will have trades with V-Sync on or off (no matter).

- And is it right, that some notes have a white framing and some a blue? Why different colors?

Here is one of the blue notes (like Amnesia TDD), I'm sure all framings were white before the patch.

[Image: e6ewjmr7.jpg]

In Addition:
- It would be nice when you could disable the glowing of the level doors.

- Here I was able to pick up a note without opening the drawer.

[Image: y2mkdblq.jpg]

My hardware:

Intel Core i7-4770 @ 3,90 GHz
nVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti, latest driver
Windows 7 Professional x64


ColorGrading should not be written with a space in between. It's like "ImageTrail" or "RadialBlur".
@Googol: You said no mouse problems. If you go to input options and change the mouse settings (ex: sensitivity and inversion) does it work?

Removed the name "issue". Wink List updated.
(09-27-2013, 04:50 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]Do not enable or change anything. Make sure you have a clean installation of the game and then apply v1.0.2 update.

I did apply everything and it works, but there's something else I would like to do.

I would like to check an entity/lantern glitch that I found on my first way through a level, but I can't check it given I have no lantern (the debug menu does work and enables me to pick the level, though).
I know what you are talking about, with the debug menu you can go to the "temple" as well etc... but it takes around 1 minute to reach the attic and get the lantern. So do it that way preferably.
(09-27-2013, 07:26 PM)plutomaniac Wrote: [ -> ]@Googol: You said no mouse problems. If you go to input options and change the mouse settings (ex: sensitivity and inversion) does it work?

Yes, it works very well for me. Both, mouse sensivity and inversion.
Then I guess it doesn't work for some people. At both systems of mine the problem remains. Our only real difference is the operating system(Windows 7 vs 8).
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