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Full Version: He hit me so hard... I fell out of the world
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The electric pig in the south tower. He appears, gives me a slap and I end up ;inside' the wall.

The first time I wasn't quite sure what was going on until I walked out of the wall into mid air (just red-tinged stormclouds) and plummetted to my death..

But this seems to happen every time I meet him (so far 5/5) which is getting a bit annoying.
AAMFP is meant to be an adventure that's out of this world.

Spoiler below!
Just run away from it really fast and flip the generator switch thingy.
The title at first glance definitely sounded a bit wrong, but that is an issue. But since I do not have a Linux, I can't help you here.
Tried a few more times this evening. It happens every time and I'm not sure he even needs to hit me. Once I just tried to run away and found myself the wrong side of the wall.

So ATM this is looking like a pretty terminal bug. Sad
Hm, as with the hopping bug, I replayed from the previous save and no more bug (now I just can't run away before he kills me so my progress is still blocked).

So I'm guessing it's a similar bug to the hopping one, ie a dodgy script (I guess whatever it is happens when you get the jolt trying to open the inner gate to that area).

Here's the broken save file:
I've run through the tesla sequence and made a save immediately afterwards. I only have a windows installation but wasn't able to recreate the issue - however, the saves should be the same between versions so this should let you finish the game.
Download link
Cheers Apjjm! Smile It seems to work. I'll play properly (and hopefully finish this generally excellent game) later tonight.

BTW my resave did not solve the problem after all, though it seems to happen less often than last night.