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Full Version: Corrupt data(?)
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Hello guys, I've not been on here in ages, but after playing machine for pigs I thought I'd get back into making my custom story after having a year break, so I went to load the file in level editor and it came up with an error, saying some files could not be found. I had a look in the log and there are a lot of problems.

I assume this problem occurred when transferring my custom story from my old laptop to my new one...

The thing is the custom story works perfectly when Im playing through it in-game with the cache files enabled, so is there any way to recover the lost data from the cache files? Examples of "corruption" (Im not sure if it is corrupt) is missing doors, missing script areas and missing decals. Also some custom made entities such as my curtains have lost their bone animations meaning I cant nteract with them anymore...

Thanks for reading, hope you can help.

EDIT: I should probably note that the errors I'm talking about are at the bottom of the log, to quickly find them Ctrl F: "Could not load XML document". The errors include "Failed loading Entity of type Entity" etc
Edit Edit: This is the pop-up which appears when I load the map.
I checked that and made sure everything is good and unfortunately I'm already completely set up. This isn't a problem with setting up a development environment because most items load fine, there are just a few objects which fail to load for some reason... It's a problem with entities which are in my .map file not loading into the game. I'll give an example if it will help you:

The entity "Slide_Door_1" will not show up in the editor any more. (It did before switching hard-drives)
"Slide_Door_1" DOES however show up in-game if I allow it to use the cache file.
"Slide_Door_1" is definitely in my .map file. (Screenie)
However when I load in Lvl Editor I get an error reported to the log:
Also I cannot find the entity via the browser.

I have suspicions that the problem involves the fact that my custom story is now inside a different drive to what it used to be, but surely the entities dont use an absolute drive-path anyways?
FileIndex = 1 for Slide_Door_1 entity. Scroll upward from that location until you reach the FileIndex_Entities element. Observe the child elements of that node, specifically whose ID matches the FileIndex of Slide_Door_1. (assuming one exists that matches the FileIndex) Observe the Path attribute of that child element. The path should accurately point to where it is located relative to the level editor (this likely being in the custom_stories folder).

How is it, then, that the FileIndex be out of bounds when one can clearly see it is within the bounds of the would-be array of file indexes? One possible explanation is that the message is not complaining about the one generated from the map file but from another array. This other array has been known to be the one generated from the resources.cfg file. If you have truly followed everything written in the wiki article i linked to (which i find unlikely given the image you posted in the original post), then you should indeed verify that the file is in fact on your "different" drive.
(10-12-2013, 02:59 AM)Your Computer Wrote: [ -> ]Scroll upward from that location until you reach the FileIndex_Entities element. Observe the child elements of that node, specifically whose ID matches the FileIndex of Slide_Door_1.

Thank you so much. I've found the problem... It seems some of the custom entities are missing from my entities folder, presumably because they were saved into compatability files when I copied my custom story across...

So those entities are gone forever lol, ah well.. guess it's time to start replacing all these modified entities from scratch... Cheers