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Full Version: New Mansionbase walls made by lazz3r
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Hi there

So I was making a mod called Projekt 564 II with my group, but we decided to abandon it and create something better. Since now its abandoned and the walls are useless for me I decided to throw them to community. All the walls are retextured by me, special thanks to Smoke for putting the texture on them in Maya because I was having problems with this.

-1 wall
-1 doorway
-1 wall with window

Simply put the folder "custom_walls" into static objects.
If you are going to use it in cs/fc don't forget to credit me and Smoke as well.


[Image: 21cvvd2.jpg]

Looks great, good job. I'll use them I think, won't forget to give you guys the credit you deserve.
Could very well work in an Amnesia story.