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Full Version: AMFP Lantern crashes ATDD please help!
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A couple of days ago i copied some AMFP Lantern files to the ATDD lantern files to see how it would work and yet it worked out fine. Not that it's like in AMFP where the beam moves with the lantern or the light moves with the lantern since the light is attached to the camera lens. It worked out fine until today when i started ATDD and played a CS normally till i picked up the lantern and turned it on turning the lantern on will make the game crash. I tried several things to fix this problem but nothing seems to work! If you have a map saved with the lantern turned on nothing will happen, but if you click on a level door (the ones that transfer you to a loading screen) Will make the lantern crash the game if turned on again. Is there any advice on how i can fix this issue?
Revert to the original lantern. The AMFP update isn't officially out yet for TDD.
It used to work before but now it won't, that is why i need help.