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Full Version: Modern use of slow motion
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Hey guys. What's your opinion on the current use of slow motion in films, games, and avatars?

For the most part, I think it's overdone, especially in games where there is high cinematic action. A lot of recent JRPGs come to mind. Though to be perfectly honest, I don't really mind the slow motion, as it doesn't have much of an impact on what I actually consider important to a film or a game - its plot, of course. But abuse of it, which is what some developers do to "look cool", can make an action sequence look stupid.
This is actually something I really like about Man of Steel. I think I heard somewhere that the director intentionally made out to not have any slow motion in his film at all so that we could feel the absolute full effects of the power, and speed in the fight scenes. And I think it absolutely shows.
why is your icon slower?

It can be used effectively, like when the directors want to have complete control over pacing in certain scenes by drawing out specific moments. In the realm of action - it's mainly annoying when it's used in shallow movies when the action isn't cool. But when it is - it can be great.

This would be amazing on high speed cameras.