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Full Version: Disturbed vision when using second autosave in residential corridors
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I have found a bug in Black Plague. When you enter level07_residental_corridors, there is a first autosave made, than Clarence does his odd things, while which the particle system "PlayerSeeRed" is created (level07_residental_corridors.hps line 853), causing disturbed vision.

At the end of this all, "PlayerSeeRed" is killed (line 862) and a new autosave is made (line 865).
But it seems as if KillParticleSystem("PlayerSeeRed"); has not yet finished when the autosave is made (the effect ends some seconds after the savegame is made). When you load this second autosave "PlayerSeeRed" is still active and stays active until you leave the level (killed in level07_residental_corridors.hps line 1282).