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Full Version: Youtube and google+ issues
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Google just infused more corporate fascism in youtube recently and now I can't post anythingAngryHuh. They say it's to prevent or stop bullying, racist and trolling comments but all the ascii penis art posts seem to disagree.

Anybody else having problems with the change?

How do post comments now?

Should we spam youtube and google plus with ascii phallus art?Tongue

Should someone start a kickstarter project who's aim is to create an official alternative to youtube?, (It could be called Itube or Webtube, something like that) Idea

What do you think and would it be possible to create an alternative?

List your issues here

I'm not allowed on YouTube, so I never noticed this, nor heard of this until now :o

Whatever the major public opinion is, which appears to be "I hate it", I am for. Tongue
Here's a pretty good rant about Google + with YouTube.
Spoiler below!

Or, you can just this petition below instead.
Spoiler below!

Either way, you can help delete the integration, or just be quiet.
Considering people have been bitching about youtube changes incorporated into google+ and google hasn't done ANYTHING about it or even THOUGHT about it, I highly doubt this petition is going to do a single thing. Google wants to keep up with twitter and facebook, they're not going to revert back. They've already dug the hole, they figure they might as well keep going and see what happens.
(11-13-2013, 03:27 PM)Statyk Wrote: [ -> ]They've already dug the hole, they figure they might as well keep going and see what happens.

[Image: a88.jpg]
You'll learn to like it until their next update
Whatever respect I had for Google has completely vanished now. The depths to which they have sunk to try and be relevant is just embarrassing. First they force us to have Gmail accounts to log into YouTube, which was and still is incredibly bugged, and now they force us to have Google+ accounts to view comments on your videos and responses. Literally forcing people to use your services in order to have access to certain features is beyond pathetic. But I don't really care that much - I use YouTube for the videos not the comments.
(11-13-2013, 04:55 PM)Mechavomit Wrote: [ -> ]You'll learn to like it until their next update

(11-13-2013, 05:43 PM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]I use YouTube for the videos not the comments.

That's fair, but I for one really enjoyed the comments section for the most part. Sure there was a lot of immature little pricks fighting on some videos but at least there was opportunity to find some good in the section. Whereas now they've totally fucked it up. It's near impossible to find anything that is relevant on a popular video.

At the moment some people are enjoying terrorizing the comments section, maybe it will calm down after some time but the truth is, like many have said, trolling behaviour often is a generator for attention and when replies are the factor that decides which comments are shown at the top, bloody hell...

A lot of big Youtuber's are wisely turning off commenting. Seen a few videos on the subject so far, but TotalBiscuit's video on the situation summed it up best for me.

The original creators of Youtube and the people that worked to make it what it was at its peak would be ashamed at what has happened.

It's only the first 13-14 minutes that he talks about it

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