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Full Version: drawing before game release
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A pen/marker drawing I made before the game was released.

[Image: 2iub1fq.jpg]
Wow, that's absolutely amazing!

You can host the picture in an external site (like Tinypic, for example) and then use the direct link with image tags.

[img]insert direct link here[/img]

But you can also keep it attached to the post, so that you know exactly how many times the picture was downloaded/seen. Wink
Thanks a lot Ashtoreth for explaining!
Glad you like it.

The visible picture is a bit too pale perhaps, but doesnt have the distracting background visible.

Perhaps I might make a quiz for people to win the Original 20x20cm paper...but then again, you'll can just download it and print it to hang above or even under your bed if needed Wink

Craaazy! Great work man. So many good artists in this forum <3
shame actual pigman was nowhere near as freaky as this