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Full Version: Custom Ranks?
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So I haven't been on these forums for a loooong time now and I'm noticing that people have custom rankings. For example, instead of "Junior Member" or "Posting Freak" they now have custom messages/phrases. I was just wondering how this is done
It was a thing Paddy did a while ago I believe, he's not doing it anymore though (or I would actually be trying to think of a good rank) :p Sorry you missed out!
It's not possible. It was possible for anyone to request a custom title for a short period of time which is why a lot of people now have them. What does it matter though, it's only a title?
It's like a text rep IMO.

i did not request this
It was like a prize for being temporarily less annoying.
I was offering custom user titles to certain people on a short-term basis, but I was acting out of line with my authority. The other moderators got together and battered me with pillowcases filled with bars of soap as punishment Sad

Let us never speak of this again...
Eh...ok, it wasn't exactly like that. We all decided it was best to not do that. Fortunately there was no need for the soap punishment.

If anyone has a custom title they don't know how it got there or want it removed send me a pm and will take care of it right away. Wink