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Full Version: People of Frictional: Thomas Grip
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I was wondering when and if there would be something like this. You guys always felt mysterious and it's cool to get to know the team (for example, didn't know you had a kid or fiancee =P) in this way. Looking forward to the rest!
Thomas had the most internet coverage before FG and thus I already knew a lot about his previous work. Still, it was a very interesting read since, as Statyk said, now we know what exactly he does at the company, the fact that he has a family etc... Btw, some time ago I also found that he has a middle name that shall be kept secret for ever! Tongue

On the other hand, Jens is sort of a mystery. The only thing I could find on him was his old website which had his previous music work and seems to have been hosting Energetic for a short period of time. But, I did find Jens college report of the making behind Energetic which is actually very interesting because it clearly shows how organized those two were even back then and the amount of work that was required for Energetic to be created. Oh, recently someone from FG said that he was on parental leave so he must have a family as well. We'll find out soon enough I guess.
Great. Get bigger and hire us all. (?)
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