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Full Version: Which Amnesia Game distressed you more?
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Not in terms of which game you liked more, but which one bothered you the most?
TDD. The first quarter of the game set up a very intense and unsettling atmosphere, and there were many highly distressing moments throughout the game such as when you entered the storage, prison, morgue, and choir. Also the sewer chase.

The story in TDD, especially regarding the torture rooms, was very dark and a few of the scenes were highly distressing to watch, like the arsonist who kept screaming he was innocent.
Justine was the horror for me. Amnesia with a perma-death system was nerve-racking.
My favourite "Amnesia game" is TDD.
Justine was definitely the worse, I had to spend 3 months locked in a padded room because of it.
I'll have to go with Justine as well. Tachycardia still hits when I'm being chased by Malo in the Dungeon.

It's a short but very intense experience.
Defiently TDD since it was the first horror game I ever played. I can not describe how terrifyring it was, I was walking around somewhere in the prison cells I think and I was afraid to peak around the corners. I heard a sound effect of a man screaming in the distance so I jumped a bit and closed the game to play Minecraft.

Justine was very stressful too, especially at the Malo chase.

Pigs was just not the same... Good game, but not as scary.
It's hard to choose between Justine and TDD. TDD had alot of intense parts that made me startled for a long time. But that chase with Malo in Justine...

I'm going for TDD this time. Not sure if it was the right choice to be honest.
The chase sequence at the end of Justine was the biggest scare I had ever experienced in Amnesia (and any other game, while we're on the subject).
Amnesia: Justine, the sheer terror and horror of TDD condensed into 30-60 minutes.

I will actually admit I refuse to play past the dungeon alone.
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