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Full Version: Vertex Shaders Error Message
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I'm getting the vertex shaders error message.

I've installed the latest drivers from ATI.

I used the ATI uninstall utility to uninstall everything ATI, rebooted and installed the latest drivers for my card, but I'm still getting the vertex shader error message.

Is this just a basic compatability issue, or is there a way around it so that I can play the game?

I'm trying to run it with a Radeon 2600Pro AGP
This is a driver issue. So something has gone wrong when installing drivers. Hard to say what though. Perhaps installing earlier drivers will help.
The 2600Pro AGP isn't supported by ATI. I have to alter the driver installation files to get it installed. That might be an issue.

Basically I want to play PBP more than I want to play Crysis or Mass Effect or GTA4 or Gears of War or maybe even Portal, so I'm probably going to buy a new video card to do so. The thing is, it seems like all I can find are clues as to the hardware requirements.

Is there a more complete compatability list? For instance, a list of cards that utilise Geforce3 chipsets : '9 series', '8 series', '200 series'?

The suggested Radeon solution is much clearer, but I might just end up with the same driver issues.

Is there more specific information? Fuller lists of compatible video cards? Can you suggest a card or cards which should definitely run PBP?
Thanks, but that doesn't actually tell me anything new. I've already read it and it gives no new information. It just directs the reader around in circles, telling them if questions aren't answered to refer to the manual which in turn refers the reader back to that page. That's how I found myself at this forum— because I couldn't find answers elsewhere, and because ultimately it seems to suggest that we should seek help from the people who should know.

Can you suggest actual searchable terms for nvidia cards that will run the game, rather than just 'GeForce3'? For instance, which series? Which range of cards within each series?

If you could offer more than just vague hints and clues it would be very appreciated.
I am not sure what more I can do for you. The page I linked to contains the exact the exact name for each card, for example:
Quote:GeForce 7
-Go, GT, LE
There is not more to give than this but specific vendor names, but that information is not needed since it is the specific chip type that is important. I am not sure how I can be more precise.
Thomas, my sincerest apologies...

...when I click the link I get the faq in an opaque overlay covering the list. I didn't see the list through the overlay amongst all of the windows I had open and thought that when you posted the link you were being sacastic. Rolleyes

Again my sincerest apologies. I'm not sure why exactly, but before I closed the overlay (which I did after looking closer, having seen your previous post) every time I navigated to that page the faq was open and covering the information underneath.

Thanks for responding. Hopefully I'll be able to switch to a video card with fewer issues and get to run Black Plague.

Thanks, sincerely,
Apologies again for that misunderstanding: When you get the Vertex Error pop up it opens a page at the support site with the faq open in an overlay with a semi-opaque border. I'm not sure how, but once that happens every time I click on a link to the support site (including the one posted above) that overlay is in place over the page, obscuring the information underneath. For what it's worth I really did think you were sending me on a wild-goose-chase and I apologise unreservedly for my reaction Rolleyes


Is it only ATI cards with the vertex error problem?

I uninstalled and reinstalled the brand new drivers several times with no luck.

Then I uninstalled the AGP card drivers and tried to install the drivers for my onboard ATI chipset (an older version) from the installation disk that came with my motherboard. I didn't get the chipset working but it did install an older ATI uninstallation utility which (when I ran it uninstalling everything ATI) seemed to uninstall my northbridge and southbridge drivers also (I have an ATI mainboard). At least I think it did, since when I re-reinstalled the latest/newest (most up to date) driver package from ATI it reinstalled northbridge and southbridge drivers, the driver for the AGP card and installed the catalyst control centre, and now my system is running PBP on (as far as I know) the brand new drivers...

...leading me to think the issue isn't getting an older ATI driver, but rather getting an older ATI uninstall utility to clear all of the old drivers out before reinstalling all new ones. Or, if your onboard chipsets are ATI. i.e. if you've got an ATI motherboard with ATI northbridge and southbridge, you may have to update drivers for those also.

My inductive reasoning, for what it's worth (I'm not techie enough to deduce or diagnose, but maybe it could shed some new light on the problem for those who are).