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Full Version: Questions for the Penumbra serie
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I would like to buy the Penumbra serie.
But I have some questions, because I do not know what parts of the series.

There is a free game (Penumbra_Full_v1.1) by 2006. Then there's Penumbra - Overture (German name: Im Halbschatten) and Penumbra - Black Plague and Penumbra - Requiem.

What is the difference between these parts?

Overture is the first part of this serie?
Black Plague is the second part of this serie?
Requiem is the extension for Black Plague?

And what about the free version?

And begins the Story with Overture or can I play Black Plague directly?

Thank you very much

Sorry for my bad english - I 'm from germany. This text was translated by Google.
The three parts of Penumbra, they are just one big game all together, you start with Overture and Black Plague and Requiem tie the story together in them.

Tech Demo, is the first version of Penumbra which made the game popular world wide.
Thanks for this information.

The Tech-Demo is also a full game, that have interest many players of the world and to gives them a preview of coming Penumbra serie?

Is the story of the Tech-Demo the same as Overture?

And there 's a patch or sth. that makes Requiem in german language?

best regards
Story is the same. Have you played Tech Demo?

Yeah, Tech Demo is a full game, even that it says Tech Demo.
It comes from words: Technology Demonstration, which makes it to be very short.

Frictional Games take on into some sort of competition to show what they've made, and that was Penumbra Tech Demo.
Anyway, they didn't win... But they started to share the game for free in internet and that made Penumbra so popular, that they decided to make it to be commercial trilogy.

However, there were some problems with the publisher (I think it was the publisher...) and they had to cut down the trilogy only into two games: Overture and Black Plague.

Some months after release of Black Plague, news started to spread over the internet that Frictional Games are working on an expansion for Black Plague.

So, to us fans, it was like an trilogy! Smile

Oh, and about your question for the translations: I'll have to say that I have no idea about it, sorry! Sad
Thank you, Scraper.
Now, I knew what the different parts od Penumbra are.

I haven 't play the Tech-Demo, but I can see by the pictures and movies, that the game is very scary and realistic (except the monsters).

I love dark, realistic games.
My favorite game is even "Gothic". And a bit racing games.
But I 'm always searched for a horror adventure.

I had played "SHADE - Wrath Of Angels". It 's a horror game, too.

I 'll hope, that Requiem is coming in german language.

Many thanks
If you haven't played Tech Demo, I really recomend it to you! Smile
Also, if you get stuck in it, just watch my Walkthrough for it! Smile

By the way, there's German translation for Tech Demo!

Gothic? You mean the one from JoWood and Piranha Bytes?
Yes, this Gothic.
It's my first favorite game!

Finally, I wanted to play the Tech-Demo. And thanks for the walkthrough's.
Hah! I have all of the Gothic's in same package! Big Grin I bought the Universal package for the Gothic.