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Full Version: Does SetObjectMoveState work on NPC's?
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Title says the most. It would solve a great issue for me.
(12-06-2013, 08:19 PM)Neelke Wrote: [ -> ]Title says the most. It would solve a great issue for me.

I don't see why not.
Just try for example a "woodenbox"
Grab your enemy -> change it to the woodenbox specification.
Save and give it a try.
I am almost 100% sure they would move yes.
Working only with MoveObject entity.
(12-08-2013, 03:24 PM)Fatalist Wrote: [ -> ]Working only with MoveObject entity.

I had to explane a little betre here i guess.
YES it can, ONLY if what Fatalist said,
you have to change the npc -> moveobject.
so it is possible.
Alright, it's just that there is no fitting base class for the enemy that I'm working with to get some fully animations working. I already had the enemy as a moveobject, but I figured it might work with NPC class. Well it didn't.

Well, thanks for the help though anyway, I appreciate it Tongue