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Full Version: People of Frictional: Jens Nilsson
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Slightly delayed due to fever, a storm called Sven and some power outages.
Quote:I do, or did, lots of our customer support, these days we have a very nice forum community that does way too much of it (in particular one guy…).

All hail the mighty Pluto.
Jens, I'm in love with your attic office. Also, paperwork rules!

Thanks for this blog post, I'm really enjoying the "People of Frictional" series so far. Smile
Yeah awesome office *_*
Nice, thanks for sharing this, I like to know these stuff.

Btw, your attic has penumbra's texture floor_wood_planks01mat.mat

[Image: floor_wood_planks01.jpg]
Big Grin Interested in checking them all out, assuming more of the team contributes to these.