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Full Version: The Five Foundational Design Pillars Of SOMA
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New video + outline of SOMA's foundational design:
Quote:1) Everything is storyFirst up, we want the player to constantly feel as if they are inside a flowing narrative. It is so common that a game is distinctly split into story and puzzle/action moments. We want to blur the boundaries here and make it impossible to distinguish between the two. Whatever the player does it should feel as if it is part of the story. We do not want to have sections that simply feel like blockers to the next narrative moment. From start to finish the player should be drenched in a living, breathing world of storytelling.
Does that mean there won't be any sort of inventory in SOMA?

I've seen some drag, and drop mechanics in the other videos, but will there be more in-depth puzzle solving using inventory like in the Penumbra games?
You guys are on fire this week! Keep it up! Smile
The monsters potentially have separate AI? If that's true, I'm very impressed.
You know, you should turn this blog entry into a spoken video while it shows the game.
Keep it up.
Sounds very impressive! Still don't know if i should play it on PS4 or PC..