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Full Version: vending machine
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The scent of cologne and sweat showers wafts out...

Shakes the vending machine in an attempt to get a freebie
Airmiles come out.
Puts a disappointed DnALANGE in, "voiceacting being delayed...."
A Voice Actor Comes out.

Puts a lion inside... and slowly walks away
An arm and a roar comes out.

Put's a gun inside...
a super-soaker comes out.

puts $1 inside...
0,72605823 Euros came out

Puts plutonium inside
Energy comes out.

Puts Energy back in.
The Large Hadron Collider comes out.

Puts the Higgs Boson in...
A Science teacher which actually knows what that is comes out.

Scribbles omegle's URL onto some paper and places it into the machine..
Penis comes out, drawn on a piece of paper.

Puts ruined childhood in...