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Full Version: vending machine
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Oculus Rift comes out - and it's backwards compatible for some reason.

Puts in a half-eaten orange because I don't want the rest of it.
a idiotic religious person comes out

puts myself again in
He came out again.

Shoves a crowbar in...
The vending machine opens up vigorously and manages to spit it out faster than you can blink, and shuts itself violently, afraid that it may reveal its secrets of how it is working and engineered.

Puts instructions on how to play Blackjack in...
No comes out

Puts romulator in...
A koala comes out.

Puts money in..
Coin comes out

Puts porn in...
A video came out.

Puts Tesbull in again...
Testbull with a machete to kill you comes out

Puts endosine again in...
endosine comes out and stabs you in the eye with a machette

Puts rusty spoon and cuff links in