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Full Version: vending machine
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A spinning cat flies out of the machine and disappears in the sky.

Puts Crimea inside. Tongue
Putin : Knock knock.
Obama : Who's there ?
Putin : Crimea.
Obama : Crimea who ?
Putin : Crimea river.
Obama : ...
No killerino for copy pasterino, plizerino.

Puts peanut butter and dildo in...
A porn from the humor category comes out

puts in a baguette
the entire country of turkey comes out.

Puts an speck of everything in...
Half a World comes out...

Puts a Book of Swears in...
A stfu about porn comes out,

Puts a helicopter in...
A very much non-porn book, titled 50 Shades of Grey, comes out
(couldn't resist - we'd stopped talking about porn and you kind of brought it up again)

Puts in a violin bow and some rosin
JAP comes out.

Puts the alpha version of Soma in.
Sci-Fi Horror came out.

Puts a bunny in...
Robbie the Rabbit comes out with a knife and stabs you...

Puts a Strange VHS tape in