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Full Version: vending machine
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Grammar comes out.

Puts a cloud in...
some electrical problems came out..
Jens unplugs the machine ..... Wink
The machine plugs itself back in and spits out a guard dog.

Puts a dog treat in the machine...
Cat thread comes out.

Puts cat thread back...
Adorable kittens come out n.n

Puts an unused, unopened retail copy of Amnesia into the machine..
Soma comes out

Puts in a brownie
A twinkie comes out.

Puts a slenderman note in...
Slenderman dies cause he and his whole idea is stupid.

Puts a used condom in...
Something glueish drippes out... uwwllll
puts a person in to clean...
He comes out filthy.

Puts in Detergent.