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Full Version: vending machine
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The girl gets upset for being put inside a machine and starts throwing its contents at you.

Puts a mirror in...
The same mirror except that it's all inverted came out.

Puts in a glass of beer...
The machine spits out tokens, likely to be from a slot machine part of the casino across the road. A note comes out as well, scribbled on poorly with language which makes no sense, smelling like alcohol.

Put Pharrell in..
Gwen Stefani comes out

Puts Canada inside
A lifetime's supply of maple syrup comes out

Puts Slovenia in (somehow)
Russia comes out.

Puts francesinha in.
Italy comes out

Puts Sweden in
norway comes out

puts the netherlands in...

(please no offensive words about it)
Offensive words about it come out.

Puts an hand in.
Skin comes out.

The best technology goes in...