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Full Version: vending machine
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Honey joys come out! YUMMEH!

Puts a lamp in.
Light comes out.

Puts in darkness...
(04-29-2014, 05:24 PM)BeartrixTheStrange Wrote: [ -> ]Light comes out.

Puts in darkness...

Amnesia comes out

Puts Laudanum in.
Heal core comes out

In goes the thing
Kurt Russell comes out.

Puts in full-sized wax effigies of the cast of Happy Days.
A Steam Key for the fairly buggy pre release version of The Forest comes out.

Puts one complete deck (60 cards) of the Pokemon Trading Card Game in...
Mein Kampf comes out.

Puts the battle of Stalingrad in...
Battle of Suomussalmi comes out

Puts the manpig in..
Pig shit comes out.

Puts a s-word in...
A Scrabble board comes out.

Puts Stephen Hawking's batteries in.