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Full Version: vending machine
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A Gay Pride parade comes out.

Puts six pairs of jeans in.
...twelve pairs of boxer shorts come out. Cool

Puts a handful of gooseneck barnacles in...
A flock of geese comes out.

Squirts a tube of lubricant in.
...a bar of margarine comes out.

Puts in a cat o' nine tails...
A roll of bandage comes out.

Puts in Dogfood's chew toy.
paddy comes out

puts in Brazil
dogfood's perfumes come out

puts in someone's grandma
...Mrs. Ganush from "Drag Me to Hell" comes out.

Puts in a miniature vending machine...
A miniature vending machine repairman comes out.

Puts in a pamphlet entitled "10 Signs You Might Have Polyps".
A Book comes out labelled "85 Signs you'll have gonorrhoea" comes out...

puts a capsule of highly radioactive caesium chloride inside...