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Full Version: vending machine
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A box of kitty litter comes out

Puts a physical manifestation of procrastination inside
I come out XD

Puts a box labelled "Motivation" inside the machine
...The same box comes out, with the label "excuses".

Puts a focused modder inside the machine...
Dogfood himself comes out

Shoves tumblr inside
The machine spits out a trigger warning in the shape of Benedict Cumberbatch's face taped to the shirt of a social justice warrior.

She calls you a misogynist before running back in to the vending machine because confronting people gives her anxiety...

#HALP I'M LITERALLY DYING #Sorry not sorry #bendict cumberbatch is my bae
The machine "shocked-get it... Wink" broke and send out an error message...
Puts in a new cable...
The old, broken cable turns in to a snake and slithers out. The machine seems to be fine now.

Puts a penny in.
A voice from within whispers "Thanks."

Puts in a .gif file...
The nude pics come back out, but they're now animated and a little sticky. Ew.

Puts in a lizard dressed in a dragon costume, hoping for similar results
...and a dragon dressed in a lizard costume comes out.

Puts in the dragon poop...