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Full Version: vending machine
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oh look another forum game thread yay...So i dont remember if i stole this bad idea from some other forum or if i thought of it myself.. anyway doesnt matter.
it's called the "vending machine".. time for some lame example (I'm gonna do lame examples so i dont use the fun ones before the game actually begins):

poster1: Puts a chocolate inside...
poster2: chocolate milk comes out!... Puts bird feathers inside
poster3: Chronofox comes out!... Stuffs the chinese rooom inside
poster4: AAMFP comes out!

see how it goes? good, lets see how this is gonna turn out...

Kay, starting NOW:

Stuffs a tree inside
Wood and some leafs come out Big Grin

put dog inside...
...chinese food comes out!

Puts a cell phone inside...
... The 36th version of the Iphone 5 comes out!

Stuffs a chair inside...
...a barrel comes out!

Stuffs a mattress inside...
Ashtoreth comes out!

Stuffs a red bouncy ball inside...
Myredneptune comes out

puts a hat inside
Team Fortress 2 comes out.

Puts a laptop inside...
Half-life 3 Confirmed!

Stuffs a screaming and flailing FailedAlias inside.
A successful alias comes out.

Puts an oboe inside.