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Full Version: Colors Aesthetics
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Hopefully this thread would be useful for a lot of people who wants to work on whatever they work more consciously. It is always an option to work relying on taste and talent without any knowledge and thus anyone can simply skip this thread (yeah, you, right now, go away). Everyone else who does not afraid to know something in order not to stick to the rules but to overstep them consciously.

Here is a well known complementary colors palette. Which can be used rather effectively for designing levels.

[Image: ynJfEe1.jpg]

Here is another one color palette. Traditional Japanese color palette and their eastern aesthetics are completely different. They are quite rarely rely on complementary colors palette which we are used too.

[Image: cSYNspP.jpg]

Here are some Japanese paints just to make it clear that everything could be perfect and impressive if only you would love to overstep some European traditions.

Anyway, I am not a teacher and rather I am a learner. Seriously, no joking. I just think that colors, mood, different known technics is a very interesting and hopefully useful theme for a thread. And I am the first one who would be grateful to know something new about colors aesthetics.