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Full Version: Launching a Total Conversion with the Mac OS X release of Amnesia
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To launch a total conversion mod with any Mac OS X release of Amnesia you must launch the game from the terminal application.
  1. Run Terminal, this can be found in /Applications/Utilities/Terminal or via spotlight.
  2. Switch to the game install directory (e.g cd /Applications).
  3. Run the following to start Amnesia.
    • ./ config/ttp_main_init.cfg
  4. Adjust the launch settings.
  5. Press the Launch Game button to start the game. Do not press the Justine button as that will only launch the Justine mod.
The file passed to the launcher MUST be a relative path to the game resources folder e.g. wn_config/main_init.cfg. This file will be searched for in the local_resources folder (for Mac App Store release of Amnesia) or the game bundle folder. (See Installing Custom Stories and Mods thread),