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Full Version: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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I'm not talking about making the game with the community, but actually talk about their upcoming release more. Sharing more info and hear what people say, but not too much info. Right now they are like a closed box. Except for this oh so bad blog they recently set up, there are no way you can have a real discussion on that blog, why did they close up the work log that worked way better than the blog?
I like the new name. While my favourite was Lux Tenebras Amnesia: The Dark Descent is pretty good too.
Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a horrible name.
I really love the subtitle "The Dark Descent". But Amnesia I'm not sure about. A great many games these days fall back on amnesia as a crutch for getting the story started. Surely there is a better means of getting the main character where he is to start the game? If amnesia has nothing to do with the main character's introduction into the story, then it would be a fine name.
I'm doing my best to get the word out about this game - you guys deserve the attention high budget games get. I've been posting on like crazy and also on steam's forums and anandtech's pc gaming portion of it's forum. I'm amazed at how many people still ask me what Penumbra is and if it's any good. Perhaps the good word will generate a few more Penumbra sales as well? Smile
Thanks a bunch for helping us spread the word! We will really appreciate any PR help that we can get! We have very limited resources for this sort of thing and getting PR is crucial for us (as for any gamedev)!
I too am not so sure about the name. To put amnesia, one of the most cliched storytelling devices in the book, in your game is bad enough, let alone base the game around it. Hopefully you've got something clever up your sleeve.
*YOU'VE GOT AMNESIA* Boom boom boom
I am much more into game play than I am game titles.

As a title, Amnesia: Dark Descent sounds a little...dramatic. But it does not really matter. If the game is good, gets decent reviews, and good word of mouth, then it will do well.
May I just say that the youtube video on Amnesia's engine is simply awesome.
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