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Full Version: What is Amnesia: The Dark Descent
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(03-10-2009, 09:52 PM)WindexGlow Wrote: [ -> ]Yes, but it's an indie game - budget of probably 50k-75k for 3 members. 50k is how much they got for that award, correct?

But it has to cost more to purchase than their short episodic games. I'd say thirty or forty dollars would be reasonable.
40$/€ - 50$/€ ?
Can someone tell me what HLP 2 is.
You've already asked that in another thread.
Answer is in the link that nackidno posted, but I'll answer it:

It's engine made by Frictional Games.
Idea is physics and realistics.
Ok thanks.
Will the game enviroment be more realistic? and will it have better graphics?
So what the new game going to be called?
My friend and i have had a little discussion about the games you guy have released. we think that maby there should be a gun or a knife in the games. with the gun you could make it very limmited ammo eg: 2 bullets in the gun when you pick it up and there should be like one bullet around the place every now and then.
We've seen nothing more than concept art from the actual game, so I got no clue if it's more realistic, I hope it is though. The level design in Overture and Black plague was a little choppy. And as for the graphics, yes, it had been improved, greatly, check out some videos and read through the work section of the forums, I'm sure you'll get a decent picture of how things look right now.

The game have no name yet, but its codename is unknown or Lux Tenebras.
Ok thanks.
Actually nack, we got a demo (2) from frictional games a while back showing off their engine's shadows in one, and some game decals in another (the editor)

They're definitely going for realism - the lighting and shadows have a massive improvement, while the games scenes are much more complex.
Certainly, but it wasn't anything final, it was, just like you pointed out, a demo. I meant some material from finished levels. Smile
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