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Full Version: Which Amnesia do you like most?
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As the title says "Which Amnesia do you like most"

Now tell me which Amnesia you like mostly?

AMNESIA: A Machine For Pigs or

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Now ask which one you like the most and why.

I like Amnesia: a machine for pigs the most is because it has such good puzzles, such good story and awesome events even good mapping!

now it's your turn.Cool
I like pigs more because of the assets Shy
I like Amnesia Machine for Pigs, mainly because of the difference in the environment. Technology and machinery always got my attention.
The environment design is a lot more beautiful in AMFP, I'll give them that. However, the substance was rather lacking.

TDD is superior in:
Story: It made sense, even though it was a bit on the minimalistic side.
Level design: You were never corralled into a specific area, there were story-critical areas but the solution was never in front of you; You were left to explore and find the solution.
Horror: I got cold-sweats at one point. In MFP I just got mildly stressed.
TDD is better in many ways, but AMFP is decent.
Amnesia TDD because:
the atmosphere and setting appeals to my taste (dark, classy, abandoned, spooky - environment)
couldn't played it for more than 30 minutes a day, because i had constantely the feeling of being watched
beautiful and at the same time dark/scary ambient music (got me in that genre)
no other singleplayer-horror made everything so interesting (good mix of storytelling, reading, flashbacks / chase-scenes, unsetteling events, puzzles and exploring)
custom stories is also of big value (about 10 of them i've played are really well done)
also for let's plays they are quite enjoyable to watch (props to HarshlyCritical)

I feel so nostalgia about it, even tough it is only about 2 1/2 years ago since i first played it.