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Full Version: AAMFP Lantern in Full Conversions
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Yeah, if you know what you're doing, you can skip this whole tutorial and just download this. No issues at all!

Putting Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Lantern into your Full Conversion.
For your Full Conversion Needs.

Quick Foreword
Hey everyone! I made this simply because I was starting to see quite a number of people wanting to work with the AAMFP lantern instead of the ATDD lantern in their Full Conversion mods. Although you can edit Amnesia's files directly, I would not recommend it as it is a nuisance getting the sounds back to normal afterwards.

I also asked a moderator whether I could give the files as an appropriate attachment and he agreed it was okay. I can, without hesitation, remove this if it is in violation in any rules, regulations or copyright set by Frictional Games and/or TheChineseRoom.

Assuming you have gotten files and stuff together properly by following this amazing guide, this should be a breeze.

1. Have your Amnesia: The Dark Descent files up to date, being of a version of at least 1.3, since this adds AAMFP model support to the original game.

2. Download the necessary lantern files.

3. Opening the zip, there are two folders. One called pig_lantern and the other called backup. Just in case something goes wrong, we have a complimentary backup thanks to moi. Blush

4. Copy and paste the four folders within the pig_lantern folder to the root of your Full Conversion folder. Merge all folders and Overwrite every file.

5. Now open up your FC's resources.cfg file, and find the entries which looks like this:
<Directory Path="/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/entities" AddSubDirs="true" />
and add your Full Conversion name to it, like this(if they have not had it already):
<Directory Path="/myconversion/models" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/myconversion/graphics" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/myconversion/sounds" AddSubDirs="true" />
<Directory Path="/myconversion/entities" AddSubDirs="true" />

6. Make sure your batch points to the Amnesia 1.3 patched executable. By default, the 1.3 updated Amnesia should just be called Amnesia.exe. If for some reason it doesn't because of naming issues;
open up your batch file to run the Full Conversion in a text editor, and change the Amnesia.exe to the name of your patched game. Keep in mind that your batch will look for this file name, so when releasing your FC, it would be a good idea to change it to Amnesia.exe.

AND I THINK That should do it! I tested it earlier on my old FC Achromatopsia (memories...) and it seems to work fine!

Removing The Lantern
Don't want the lantern anymore? Firstly do Step 5 backwards, so that you don't point to the AAMFP lantern and back to the ATDD lantern, then copy the folders from the backup into your FC's root folder. Overwrite and Merge everything.

Comment below or send me a PM! I can add some stuff like pictures or whatever to make this look nicer or easier to understand if you need me to. Just let me know!
... I love you... No im not gay. But you are just epic. I post this before i actually try to import but well. Just to say that. If i compare between users you are so far one of the friendliest guys.

I have to try that out now :3

EDIT: Awesome, worked. And i tried installing it myself before and had 1000 Errors.
THANKS!. Can i change the sound when i turn it on anywhere, and the model you see when you pick it up? That would be great :L
Hm.. I'll have to check that model then.

When you turn it on, do you hear TDD's lantern on/off sounds, or AAMFP's sounds, or do you want to change them altogether?
Well i had to prefix " sounds " in resources :O

Now i hear the amfp sounds. But the image in the game menu and the one on pick up still look like the oil lantern. I dont think this is that bad, at least i finally got the amfp lantern to work (Thank you Smile).

I tried to install it for several times and ended up redownloading content of the game and fixing the folders :L

For all persons who will install/installed their new lanterns because of this tutorial i will now throw 1000 free cookies at you and say:
Thank you...
Haha, I'll check the model now. I got it working in ATDD's normal, so it shouldn't be difficult to fix the model.
Thank you, it was thing I was looking for Smile
Yo Rom, I suppose it's time to update the thread to point to the 1.3 release rather than the beta Tongue
Yeah, but I'm lazy :p I'll fix it up now.