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Full Version: Custom Story Problem
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Ok I've got this problem with a few different custom stories but mainly The Great Work CS and another that I've tried to play. I'll play through The Great Work and finish the first 2 chapters but when I'm supposed to get to chapter 3 it practically puts me in a different custom story while I'm still in the one I'm supposed to be playing Ex. While playing Followed by Death: Chapter One it starts up La Caza mod which makes no sense to me at all please someone help this issue is quite agitating and very annoying if yuo have the same problem or can help me fix this please help me.[/size][/font]
This is caused by bad naming of the level files by the mod creators.

Say La Caza has a level called level1 and The Great Work also has a level called level1

The game will get confused and put you into the wrong stories, because the creators didn't name the levels originally.

What you'll want to do is uninstall the mods and just put them in a different folder somewhere untill you are done with playing the one you're playing right now, otherwise there really are no ways of avoiding the conflicting files.

Mod makers, name your files better!
Thank you it took me a while to find the files to delete but i found them you made an annoying problem become an easily solvable problem next time.