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Full Version: I will LP your custom story
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So while I'm in the early planning stages of (And still debating if I should even do) a sequel to my custom story, I've started a little Let's Play channel with my girlfriend. I'm on the lookout for things to try out, and figured I'd post here to say that if you have a custom story you'd like me to play, post it here and I will. Though be prepared to be told "Oh, I already played that one. Sorry."

You can check out my channel here:

Oh and if this is the wrong place to post this or it's against the rules, I apologize. Just move/delete it.
It's a cool onw to start with.
Downloadlink is here :
Let me know IF you are interested.
It's a FULL CONVERSION and gametime will be between 5-10 hours +-
Bad news: I already played it so I won't be able to do an LP
Good news: I loved it. Very well done.
Go ahead and play my short story.

A Christmas Hunt

You could probably fit it into a single episode.
I'll give it a go but I do have all updates. I'm not sure how to not have those installed. I guess I'll have to redownload Amnesia and manually apply the justine patch because if I let Steam update it'll download all the patches.
It's the manually downloaded update that isn't finished yet that is causing problems (my theory).
(02-06-2014, 07:28 PM)i3670 Wrote: [ -> ]It's the manually downloaded update that isn't finished yet that is causing problems (my theory).

Oh, so not the AMFP asset update that came out a while back? If so, cool. I'll record tonight when it gets dark and have the ep out soon. I'll put it all into one episode if it isn't too long, or break it up if it goes over Smile
The one you download through the forum yes, the one created by Patrik. Do not use it.
Alright, I finished it. I had some trouble where it kept crashing but I fixed it by going into the level editor and moving the player start position to right after the part that kept crashing on me and was able to continue. Really enjoyed it. Took about an hour to complete (not sure how much of that was me messing with the editor and stuff) but I'll start putting up the episodes tomorrow. Smile
ehm, so you didn't encounter any monsters then?
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